In the News: Next Steps for Low Barrier Shelter

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photo: Joan Barnett Lee

Excerpt from Modesto Bee article published August 4, 2018

Stanislaus County picks its spot for temporary homeless shelter

Stanislaus County is proposing to open a temporary shelter in two buildings of its former hospital at its Scenic Drive government center to deal with the growing homelessness crisis.

The shelter could be open for about two years until the county is able to open a permanent access center at another location and which would provide comprehensive services for homeless people.

County leaders unveiled the plan for the temporary shelter at a Friday afternoon Bee editorial board meeting. They expect to bring the proposal before the Board of Supervisors at its Aug. 28 meeting as part of a comprehensive discussion about homelessness, the county’s efforts to address it and potential next steps.
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Are you homeless and need help now?

825 12th Street in Modesto
Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Telephone: (209) 272-8200
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Visit the Outreach & Engagement Center for assistance with these services and more.

  • Centralized Homelessness Outreach and Engagement
  • Housing Assessments & Navigation
  • Homelessness Support Services Referrals
  • Homelessness Court Outreach Program (HCP) & Navigation
  • Multiple co-located partners connecting individuals to their services


About the OEC
The Outreach and Engagement Center “OEC” IS part of the county’s outreach and engagement efforts for individuals at risk or currently experiencing homelessness. The OEC provides a physical entry point that centralizes connections to housing, necessary supports, provides assessments, referrals, and help navigating a wide-range of homelessness services available throughout the county.

This effort is not about the building, it’s truly about partnership, collaboration & the willingness to serve and build hopefulness.

In the past, services were available through an office appointment, which often excludes those without access to transportation. The OEC has a unique, “meet you where you are” strategy. Each day, engagement teams go into the community seeking out individuals in need, building trust, creating relationships that and facilitate efforts and services to escape homelessness, for the night and forever.

Collaborative CARE Program


Community members often see individuals wandering through the streets and throughout Downtown Modesto and along McHenry Avenue in what seems in obvious distress, and ask: “Is anything being done to help these people?”

In December 2017, over fifty community leaders were convened to discuss noticeable problem behaviors in and around the core of downtown Modesto. The group made a commitment to support a 90-day review and strategy process focused on addressing what many see as a crisis in our community. Out of that meeting, the Community Assessment Response Engagement (CARE) program began as an intensive effort to address the issues that arise in communities when homelessness is coupled with mental illness and substance use and/or alcohol abuse.

Read more about CARE
CARE Report 4-Page Summary
Video of CARE in action


Strengthening Families Action Council Launched


Since the launch of Focus on Prevention two years ago, much of our initial work has focused on building a movement to reduce and prevent homelessness. Even as the work for this effort continues, we recently launched the Strengthening Families Action Council on June 1, 2017 to begin laying the foundation for a second movement to strengthen families in our county.

Ultimately this effort will grow to strengthen and support all families in Stanislaus County. Initially we will engage a relatively small number of families in order to learn ways of building effective strategies of prevention that involve all ten sectors. Following what we learn from these early efforts, we will expand to additional families across the county. The first population we will engage through this effort is “individuals who are, or have been engaged in the juvenile and criminal justice systems, their families, and families that have been directly affected by their actions.”

The primary role of this Action Council will be to develop a common agenda and high level action plan for this effort, and support the implementation of the priority strategies across all ten sectors. Action Council participation is open to the public, but members are asked to commit to attending the meetings to ensure continuity and consistency in the planning process. If you are planning on attending the Action Council meeting, we request that you register to ensure adequate seating and meeting materials. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need any additional information, please let us know.

Next Strengthening Families Action Council Meeting 
Thursday, August 17, 2017
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Harvest Hall, 3800 Cornucopia Way, Modesto, CA
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Planning Begins for Modesto Homelessness Access Center and Low Barrier Shelter

accessFrom the Modesto Bee:
“Stanislaus County’s effort to get homeless people off the streets could take the form of an access center with temporary housing and services to help them rebuild their lives. With architects donating their time, local agencies are developing plans for a full-service access center to meet the needs of local homeless residents. Roughly 100 people attended a brainstorming session Wednesday to discuss logistics. Proponents imagine a center with 60 beds – 45 for homeless individuals and 15 for families. Those who take advantage of the housing opportunity would be permitted to stay up to a few months while getting their lives on track and receiving assistance from staff at the center.”

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