About Focus on Prevention

Stanislaus County is about to embark upon a 10-year journey toward community transformation and prosperity.

Focus on Prevention is a county-wide initiative that aims to improve the quality of life of all Stanislaus residents and families through coordinated prevention efforts that work across multiple sectors to promote health and wellbeing. These sectors include government; business; health; non-profit; philanthropy; education; faith; neighborhood; media; and arts, entertainment, and sports.

Our hope is that Focus on Prevention extends beyond a simple initiative and leads to a shared community vision and lays the foundation for ongoing transformation and culture change that inspire deeper connections and tangible improvements in the lives of Stanislaus County residents.

If we want to see positive community outcomes in Stanislaus County—less crime, higher educational attainment, more jobs, and healthier lifestyles—then all ten community sectors must come together and align intentions and objectives around shared goals. This type of alignment comes from authentic relationships, mutual trust, continuous communication, a willingness to hold ourselves accountable to measurable outcomes, and a commitment to on-going learning about what works and what doesn’t work for our community.

Visit the Focus on Prevention website to learn more.