The Community C.A.R.E.s

The C.A.R.E outreach team at work in Modesto     photo: City of Modesto

C.A.R.E | Community Assessment, Response and Engagement issued a 90 day program report detailing the project and its initial findings.

Homelessness is an issue that is immensely disconcerting in Stanislaus County. This
challenge is not unique to our community and represents a crisis throughout the State of California and beyond. In Stanislaus County alone, data over last several years reveal that on average 1,400 individuals are experiencing homelessness with many more at risk of homelessness while struggling with the lack of safe and affordable housing. For the last few years, efforts such as Focus on Prevention have begun to make progress in strengthening the community’s system of care. However, even with these efforts, this population continues to cause significant distress for themselves and in the community.

Community members often see individuals wandering through the streets and throughout Downtown Modesto and along McHenry Avenue in what seems in obvious distress, and ask: “Is anything being done to help these people?” There appears to be a new norm in what is acceptable when it comes to individuals living in distress in the community.

The most compelling statistic that has emerged from the CARE planning efforts is that during the course of planning meetings since December, seven individuals identified within the priority population have passed away.

CARE Report Cover
This report outlines how Stanislaus County and the City of Modesto are joining together to take immediate and direct action to no longer accept this as the norm in our community. Although this initial work is focused on the CARE population in the City of Modesto, the County intends to expand this effort throughout the community as the program model is established and becomes operational.



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