Are you homeless and need help now?

825 12th Street in Modesto
Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Telephone: (209) 272-8200
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Visit the Outreach & Engagement Center for assistance with these services and more.

  • Centralized Homelessness Outreach and Engagement
  • Housing Assessments & Navigation
  • Homelessness Support Services Referrals
  • Homelessness Court Outreach Program (HCP) & Navigation
  • Multiple co-located partners connecting individuals to their services


About the OEC
The Outreach and Engagement Center “OEC” IS part of the county’s outreach and engagement efforts for individuals at risk or currently experiencing homelessness. The OEC provides a physical entry point that centralizes connections to housing, necessary supports, provides assessments, referrals, and help navigating a wide-range of homelessness services available throughout the county.

This effort is not about the building, it’s truly about partnership, collaboration & the willingness to serve and build hopefulness.

In the past, services were available through an office appointment, which often excludes those without access to transportation. The OEC has a unique, “meet you where you are” strategy. Each day, engagement teams go into the community seeking out individuals in need, building trust, creating relationships that and facilitate efforts and services to escape homelessness, for the night and forever.