Focus on Prevention Multi-Disciplinary Homeless Engagement and Outreach Team

The Focus on Prevention community partnership is in its final stages of implementing a Multi-disciplinary Homeless Engagement and Outreach Team in Stanislaus County. Focused on the “hardest-to-reach” and “service-resistant” chronically homeless population, the Outreach Team is a partnership of local service providers, health professionals, and the community at-large to help people get off the streets and connect them with the services they need to gain stable housing and achieve self-sufficiency. The Outreach Team is being developed with the intent of conducting daily mobile outreach and client service engagement for homeless individuals and families on the streets, in service venues, and other locations where they can be found in Stanislaus County. Local service professionals and community volunteers are part of the Outreach Team and throughout the week will be engaging people in need of services such as shelter, housing, employment, benefits assistance, medical and behavioral health services, and other assistance they need.

The Outreach Team plans to operate from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and expects to begin doing outreach in teams within the next few weeks.  Currently, the team is mapping out outreach areas countywide and developing a schedule.

For more information on how to get connected to the Engagement and Outreach Team or to be a volunteer please contact Alma Torres, Stanislaus County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Manager, at 209 525-6150.